Managing Sales Millennials

For the first time a program that brings millennials to their peak selling performance. Repeatable Sales introduces Sales Tactics for Millennials.


The workshop helps Sales Manager guide millennial sales professionals as they analyze the entire sales cycle from elevator pitch to getting the contract signed. They analyze their wins/losses, tactics and how they manage their sales opportunities. The program is designed to help Sales Managers mentor millennials so they learn how to measure and improve their skills, win ratios, competitive positioning and problem solving.

Based on these and other factors, the program introduces how to develop a repeatable sales model that identifies the high win tactics, improves opportunities, sales skills and selling psychology. The ability to learn how to relate to millennials provides results that substantially increases sales effectiveness and performance. The model becomes a roadmap to improve millennials’ selling performance, efficiently utilize their selling time and always focus on the high win tactics that eliminate wasted time and win more sales over their competitors.


Relating to millennial salespeople helps Sales Managers optimize their strengths and skills and will continue to improve their performance. This is vital to increasing revenue growth and an investment that winning sale organizations must make.

This program is a must for organizations who want to exceed their revenue growth goals, help millennial salespeople reach their full selling performance and be the best that they can be. In short, Managing Sales Millennials is an invaluable tool that brings your Sales Managers the tools to mentor millennial sales professionals to their peak selling performance.

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