Managing for Repeatable Sales

This program teaches Sales Managers how to maximize their revenue growth from their sales teams and sales process

This program helps Sales Managers utilize tools and behaviors that you and your sales team need to follow to close more sales.  It helps Sales Managers sell your product/service in the most effective way.  This program walks your Sales Managers and sales teams through identifying the high win tactics, key success factors, selling profiles and competitive awareness that will improve overall selling performance.

The program helps your Sales Managers and sales team allocate your time and improve your strategy and tactics. Selling based on these profiles will substantially improve revenue growth and reduce sales costs:

     •  Wins/Losses/No decisions
     •  High % selling tactics
     •  Number of face to face calls
     •  Number of presentations
     •  Cold call appointment ratios
     •  Length of sales cycles
     •  Number of calls per sales cycle
     •  Number of prospecting calls

Increasing your sales playbook results is key to increasing revenue growth and an investment that winning sales organizations must make. This workshop is a must for organizations who want to exceed their revenue growth goals, help salespeople reach their full selling performance and be the best that they can be. In short, the Improve Your Sales Playbook Workshop is an invaluable tool that brings your sales professionals to their peak selling performance.

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